Wednesday, September 3, 2008

There is fiction in the space between...

...the lines on the page, and your memories. Write it down but it doesn't mean, that you're not just tellin' stories." -T.C.

I just heard some of the greatest news today. Tracy Chapman is coming out with an album this November. I absolutely love her. And 'Fast Car' is one of the first songs that made me feel something, and think about how evocative and pretty and complex music and poetry is... even though my mom had to sit me down and explain that it wasn't Gary Coleman singing in the video (I thought little Arnold was too deep).

Look up Marlon. Say Cheese!

Matter of fact, the first time I fell in love was in a fast car scenario and if I hadn't been lucky enough to get dropped off a couple blocks from my house my storyline might have panned out alot like the one in the song. Here's to you Ms. Chapman, I can see why Alice Walker was so sweet on ya. Beautiful soul and songstress. I wanted to close the post with video of the "Making of a Tracy Chapman Song" sketch that aired on In Living Color, however hours of searching have told me the internets are rather unyielding tonight. But, regardless I have to post the classic.

Tracy Chapman- Fast Car


Sofìa Vicuña said...

I heard the news on the radio! I was wondering where she'd gone. Best news ever.

Ms. Shai said...

Definitely. I can't wait!