Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Entire DNC in One Minute!

Yeah, so I, like many of you (including my dumbassed "Obama is the Antichrist" friend from a few posts ago,) have been watching the DNC enthused and mesmerized. If I were to rank the speeches as far as meaningfulness to me I would say.
1. Michelle Obama - strong, thoughtful woman, tugged on the heartstrings
2. Barack Obama - good as always, more attacky, and promisy
3. Hilary Clinton - I give her props for reigning it in and showing genuine support
4. Bill Clinton - Bill Clinton
5. Joe Biden - Beau Biden lolz

I don't really know what my criteria was for that particular sequence but that's just how I calls it.

I, like many of you (except my dumbassed Obama/Antichrist friend, who is mesmerized by her nerdy hotness)am bemused and horrified by Senator McCain's choice of Vice President. I like to write out the word Vice President when discussing Governor Sarah Palin, because I think it puts into perspective the fact that this broad would become the acting president in the unlikely event that a 73 year old former POW, dies in office. Alaska! And what frightens me is not that she was chosen but that theres a possibility she will win. I mean genuinely frightened. She has 5 kids, one still in diapers, she has never expressed any interest in even dealing with the responsibilities of a Vice President. It's like if I was chosen. And I can't even be trusted to update my site everyday (or know what day it is).

Update: The Scariest Thing I Have seen this week...Sarah Palin

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


And just because it's Friday!

T-Pain and Lil Wayne - Can't Believe It

...aah fuck, its not Friday.

Can I see some I.D.?

The above is pop singer Jesse "You and Your Beautiful Soul" McCartney doing a cover of T-Pain's 'Buy You A Drank'. He prefaces his rendition by saying it has a "nasty groove", and then they launch into it, snaps and all. At the :49 second mark you get to hear this sweet blond child say 'Konvict Music, Nappy Boy, Oohwee'. It is my strong belief that any time a black people directly or indirectly inspire fuckery of this caliber in white people, an angel gets its wings, and a 40 oz. You don't have to understand my religious convictions, I have long been persecuted for my beliefs. Apparently, Young Money Jesse has been performing this rendition at his concerts because video of that is the first thing to come up when you type 'Buy You A Drink' in youtube as opposed to Teddy Bendherassdown's version. What do you call gentrification as it applies to music? Oh yes, I remember: Elvis, I believe was the term.

Hearing this boy, who I am just now understanding is in fact not Aaron Carter, croon this song reminds me of two things. The first being what an amazing song that is. I didn't think I would be able to bear listening to this song as interpreted by someone without pubic hair but the tune is so good and simple that it just reminds me of its goodness. I roll in a clique of music elitists who wanted to act like T-Pain was not that piff but I begged to differ. T-Pain is far past unfortunate looking. I've heard of him bearing a resemblance to one of the animatronic gorillas that perform at the Chuck-E-Cheese stage show. And his vocoder schtik has become a rap cliche but I have always tipped my hat to him as far as originality goes. He's a weird motherfucker and he makes music that sounds good. I would hasten to call him a genius but I am appreciative of his otherness and I anticipate his next album (and a Pain/Wayne collaboration disc would be sweet) even though sometimes I wish he would 'Take off that silly ass hat!'© Chris Rock.

The other thing this video reminds me of is the sanitation of nigger music for the consumption of the masses. Now, at this point I hesitate to cry foul on this poor white boy. After all the sanitation process does not seem to be working nor necessary because white girls have been upsetting their parents out in the clubs shaking it to the original long enough for the RIAA to figure out how to get a cut from the dark and nasty version without manufacturing a white washed copy *deep breath*. BUT, still I'll close the post with the Cadillac Car scene from *Dreamgirls where the point I was clumsily trying to make is illustrated through song and dance.

* copyright laws man, ignore the spanish unless se habla..lo.

These fuckers...

So it starts. I'm talkin with my mom about the Democratic National Convention and the last thing she says of course is, what else: I hope nobody tries to kill him. Well, we laughed nervously and I said that no one would try to kill him. I only half believed myself. My rationale being that the powers that be know at this point that when you assassinate a figure that is well liked they become a martyr and such. I felt that damage to Obama would be more surreptitious, like he mysteriously develops a crack habit or something (word to COINTELPRO). But butter my biscuits I forgot al l about the conspiracy meth heads- i.e. rednecks. I'm strugggling to find the quote exactly but a federal official remarked something to the affect of 'these are just some crackheads, dont worry. We got this.' Well obviously I hope so but, I never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. I read that on a T-shirt once and it saved my life on numerous occasions and also at a Rutgersfest.

On a waaaay doper note I'll leave you with Michelle Obama's speech at the DNC last night. Those babies, are so cute.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Swagger Like Us

In general, I am typically content with my life and my belongings but the moments where I am frustrated at my situation mostly revolve around my minimalist old school European car and the fact that it doesn't have an AUX jack and truck speakers. And songs like Swagger Like Us only serve to augment my grief because the shit is so absolutely dope. An M.I.A. sample from 'Paper Planes' loops in the background, her vacuous delivery being the perfect match up for this dense futuristic sounding track. I like M.I.A. but she can be annoying and that was my knee jerk reaction to hearing her sample repeated at the top of the song but then the drums race in and the sonic spaces are filled and the tracks are laid for Yeezy, Weezy, Jay-Z and Clifford Harris to ride the beat like a runaway subway train through Swaggerville. Everyone really holds their own on this song, I guess they were inspired by the topic (lol). The only problem is that Jiggaman's flow is more of the homeless guy in the back of the train variety than an actual paying passenger. He thinks he owns the train because he's been living on it for years but he doesn't have anything important to say. He continues to repeat himself and randomly blurts out random sing song things like 'HOO-OOVAAH' and generally annoying everyone. C'mon Jay, Not Again! As I previously mentioned, on Dope Boy Fresh the beat was fuckin terrible so I could excuse your not being inspired by it. But dude, this shit knocks, and this is supposed to be your forte. Matter fact you had the worst flow in the whole fucking song (you have no idea how much that pained me to type). Maybe this isn't the best song ever and maybe Jay wasn't that bad but I'm not gonna lie, when I first heard the news that this track was being put together I went from excited to depressed because I remembered what a let down Dope Boy Fresh had been for me. So upon hearing it I will allow myself to get excited about it in spite of Jay-Z's lazy shit. The following is for all five of you to enjoy!

Swagger Like Us - T.I., Kanye West, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne

Friday, August 22, 2008

You Know I Won't Leave You But Won't Wait Forever

So I'm just getting into this new track from Wasalu Fiasco and i'm feeling it enough to make me hope for some more good shit. Although I don't know if this is supposed to go on an album or was left off another one. I'm not that kind of music person, that knows that type of shit. Ask someone else. I like that Lupe entered hip hop by unzipping and climbing out the backpack. it gives him the freedom to talk about shit that he obviously doesn't really know about. However, this track is basically about how young minded boys can really stress out a female. What else is new. I'll buy that he's stressed out his old lady, if he's still with her. But then again I'll say he still has the capacity to surprise me. Like that time he allegedly choked a bitch for throwing her drink in his face. Is there something sick about me that made me more interested in him after he did that? I might have to return my purple Domestic Violence Awareness ribbon. Although I won't lie I have been off and on his jock for a minute. Back when I would religiously listen to the FnF podcast on Mondays started it all. So now here's a track with Ye' on production. It's typical Kanye, a chipmunk soul loop and friendly guitar strums. It's good story telling music. But what this reminds me of is that what I really am hoping for is a CSR album. All the girls standing in the line for the bathroom!! I think that would absolutely take me to glory. Pharell, Kanye, and Lupe make an excellent team. Fresh out the backpack, Pharell brings the highlighters, Ye brings the LV trapperkeeper, and Lupe brings a thesaurus. If they work hard enough they all get D's or DD's if they put in that extra credit. Please make it happen boys.

Lupe Fiasco - The Birds and the Bees

Thursday, August 21, 2008

You Just A Baby Boy

I have to discuss an issue that randomly concerns me this afternoon. Chris Brown. Who does this guy think he is? If you want me to be perfectly honest I was not really paying attention to anything he was doing until that song 'Poppin' got a remix with Juelz Santana (Ay!) and Lil Wayne a few summers ago. It was too funny not to enjoy, oh what with lines like "I'm about my dough and cheese just call me a slice of pizza (Ay!)/ I'll be your pizza guy/ deliver your pizza pie(Ay!)" There was fun to be had for all. Chris Brown to me represented the crop of popular entertainers that were actually younger than me. More specifically sex symbols that were younger than me. Chris Breezy never really did it for me in my panty area like how he seems to do it for these young girls. In fact, I actually did have one dream about him *smoke and glitter fade in* It involved myself and my then boyfriend (who actually secretly digs CB despite allegedly being from the block or something) and Chris all on an outing to the movies. Breezy ruined the movie by laughing and talking and eating popcorn with his mouth open, and all around being immature. We wondered who invited him - End Scene.
But something about him always piqued my curiosity. He reminded me of one of those kids that was cute but not as popular in high school as you would think he should be. He never dated any of the girls that liked him because he was too busy going down on his mom's friends. That's his back story as far as I'm concerned. So I passed on whatever his first album was called but I did decide to pick up Exclusive. And blimey, it was not half bad. It had a lot of catchy production and it played to his strengths. His voice at best sounds like amateur night at the Apollo. So he largely stayed away from ballads. Even 'With You' the only song on the album that could be mistaken for a ballad is saved by its midtempo beat. 'Take You Down' is the other ballad and I love the throwback to the nasty R&B era of days long past. To me that song captures the intensity and perverted anxiety of your pubescent hormones and your heartbeat during your first time (or at least how you imagine it) and again the fact that its this young bwoy singin it fits and takes you there (or back). And on what I can only assume is Chris Brown's lazy attempt at a stripper love track 'Gimme What You Got', Weezy drops by again to say "let's get high and make love on Venus." Maybe its trite but I like it. I like it when Wayne talks about sex, love , and drugs. These are the topics for which I'll allow he has some authority. In any case my point was that EXclusive was a solid album for what it was however apparently it didn't do so well.

So now, whenever Chris gets a moment to tear himself away from Rihanna's asshole (I'm not hatin, I'm just sayin'), he has been popping up on confusing collabo's and making techno like tracks that I guess are supposed to give him more 'crossover ' appeal (in my opinion heavy metal needs more crossover help than pop r&b these days, but whatev's). On Exclusive's re-release theres the song 'Forever' that has been getting airplay inexplicably. I mean I am not opposed to the disco/club music revival that has been going on lately but I only like it when it's done in a way that is...oh i don't know, sonically appealing? For instance, Ne-Yo's 'Closer' in my opinion hits the right pace, Ne-Yo has always been into these kind of beat patterns and his zesty persona melds with this white nightclub beat in a way I can get into. However in my opinion Rihanna's 'Disturbia' is pretty terrible. Maybe it isn't if you're some kind of glowstick kid and automatically like this kind of music but to me it doesn't hit the mark. I'm not really mad at Rihanna for this though, just because she has been fortunate enough to be a weird artist that can do weird things with her weird voice and get away with it. Chris' 'Forever' however, just seems forced...and a lot like an ad for Doublemint Gum, I mean, did he get a check for that line, cause it didn't even make sense, its just thrown in there. Now he is on some songs with artist Dre and one of them is called 'Hologram' and its pretty bad. The "boom boom chika boom boom" line is repeated over a boring crunchy synth while Dre and Chris talk about God knows what. Basically I am trying to say I don't want to see Chris Brown anywhere he's not supposed to be. Singing while Lil Wayne raps - sure why not (they basically the same age, mentally). Talkin about toasting gangstas with Nas - I don't think so (although I think Nas bodied himself on that track without Chris' help, smh). Nickelodeon Choice Awards- certainly. Anymore of this techno garbage - No more for me please. I'm sorry your last album didn't do so well, but thats because 'Wall to Wall' was a stupid song and you put it out as your lead single. That was the first mistake. There's good shit on that album that no one really got to hear. So instead of jumping on an 'A Milli' freestyle or trying to surf this disco/techno wave you should be doing something that sounds good. And unfortunately, Rihanna doesn't count, kiddo.

When will the Death Stop?

Most of the time when people ask me what my favorite film is I like to give ambiguous answers. I can't take all of the pressure, got off my back damn it. But in all honesty one of the movies that I could deem a favorite (favorite status determined by my ability to watch it whenever its on, I'm a film snob) would be the movie of all movies, Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon.
This movie was one of those films that came out in the 80's and had finally made their rotation to basic cable by the 90's, just in time for my childhood. These leftover videos from the 80's is what I consider mostly responsible for the reason why a person who was still in diapers for the parts of the eighties they were around for can still remember that era with so much nostalgia. In any case, I have discovered that the films star Sho'Nuff has passed away of pancreatic cancer.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

He Put Onnnn...

I wasn't going to post this because I wanted my next post to be music related but how excited was I when I realized this gem was, particularly relevant to my last post on Jay-Z. Angel Pantoja Medina of San Juan was embalmed standing up so that he could be on his feet during his wake. Fresh to death with Dolce & Gabbanna glasses on as well as what else.. a yankee fitted.

Refer yourselves to the verse Jigga spits at the end of Jeezy's 'Put On'.
"I put on for my city so when I’m dead and gone I got one last wish, put my Yankees hat on."

So you see kids? Fuckery only begets more fuckery.

However I gotta say I'm not mad at Angel. Everybody say they wanna go out in style but he had peoples that helped him get what he wanted, even in the afterlife. And now that I see how he's gone out of this world don't it make you wish you knew his crazy ass when he was alive? I think i've lost one of my brethren.


Obama, Wolverine, and the Antichrist

On Sunday night I was all settled in to watch the fake debate (at Saddleback Ranch with Ricky Gervais or whoever) that the news channels had been broadcasting regarding the religious perspectives of McCain and Obama. I caught most of Obama's portion of the forum before I had to interrupt viewing to...sin, I won't get specific. Every time I watch Obama speak I'm holding my breath, its like watching someone on a tight rope, but that's how it always is when you have someone that represents your people addressing hot button concerns. And with all this talk about him being evil the ante is upped because now stupid people think the fate of the souls of the world depends upon it. I was preparing myself to write a post about all of it but I suppose I'll save the fire for next time. Or possibly for a real debate.

However the debate isn't exactly what I wanted to discuss this afternoon. I want to talk about some of the more ignorant and logically tenuous elements of politics. I should begin by saying that the ecosystem of my social environment is fragile. This means that most of the people I talk to on a regular basis have opinions that run somewhere along the spectrum of my own. So this guy I know somehow went and infiltrated that ecosystem and we begin having this pseudo - political conversation. I began with my own factually unfounded (but probably true) accusation that Bush has Illuminati- like influence over the oil industry and can be blamed for these crippling gas prices. No, I don't completely know what I'm talking about and I'll accept that I could be wrong but that's just one of my conspiracy moments, all great thinkers have them.

So then this reggin (word to Stephen Colbert) goes and says that he has a bad feeling about Obama because he just came out of nowhere. I attempt to stop him right there, because "he just came out of nowhere" is almost 98% of the time a preface to the accusation that Barack Obama is the Antichrist, and I think that hearing that kind of craziness come out of the mouth of an educated, young, black male would be too much for me to take. I'm all for open minded discussions and fuckery of sorts though so I let him speak his mind and as I suspected he believes that theres a reasonable possibility that Obama is the Antichrist (this young man also voted for Bush in '04, not based on policy, but on the sketches a Bush impersonator, whom he mistook for the President, does on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.*smh*). I thought he would direct me to several of the youtube videos one might stumble across if one happened to type in obama + antichrist in the search engine. But instead I got a treat. Apparently more support for the argument that Obama's popularity represents the end of days comes from our friends at Marvel and my favorite 90's childhood cartoon of all times: X-Men!

X-Men: The Animated Series -Time Fugitives (Part 2)
The episode synopsis is such that some mysterious techno virus is wiping out humans, everyone thinks its the mutants fault of course, and Cable and Bishop travel back and forth in time to either kill whose responsible and find an antidote, blah blah blah, nerd nerd nerd. The point is at around the 5:50 mark a mysterious leader makes an appearance and he bares a vague resemblance to the light skinneded incumbent, and then before u know it..dun Dun DUNN...Apocalypse is upon us!! I feel like this 'proof' is no stronger than any of the other things that are being thrown around the internets so I toss this into the ring as well. Also who doesn't miss this show! I won't lie, when framed in all this context it gave me the creeps but then i realized I'm not a freakin idiot like my homeboy.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My roots are showing...

I can't say I have been intently following the Olympics. I'm glad that people are interested in it because I think it's a great concept and the idea that people can come together in the spirit of lively competition is very dope to me. Swimmer Michael Phelps announcing that he listens to Weezy before winning the gold rocking the shit and breaking Olympic history with 8 gold medals is also a very cool thing to me. Although I'm always excited when USA wins anything there's another country I root for in these games and its JA *lawdamercy!*. Jamaica kicks ass in the Olympics. The kind of people that would live on a hot ass island and decide to participate in winter sports and achieve any kind of success at it is just a testament to the people, in spite of that silly ass movie. But in any case check out the 100 m sweep.

BEIJING--Shelly-Ann Fraser led the other two Jamaicans to win all the women's 100 meters medals on Sunday evening at the Beijing Olympic Games.

Fraser clocked her personal best in 10.78 seconds before Sherone Simpson and Kerron Stewart finished, both in 10.98, and shared the silver.

Simpson said, "We made history. Just like yesterday Bolt set a new world record. We are all great athletes and I'm very excited about the tremendous achievement we've made for our country."

"Today's victory boosts my confidence to win the 200m. We will also do well in the 4x100m. I believe we can beat the Americans," she said.

Commenting on Jamaica's medals sweep, Stewart said, "I don't know if I should cry, smile, jump. I think this is a fabulous thing for the three of us to win the medals and for Jamaica to get one, two, three. What else can you say?"

The Jamaican squad smashed the American fleet joined by Lauryn Williams, Muna Lee and Torri Edwards, who were hot candidates for the title before the Games.

The Jamaican women replayed the legend created by their countryman Usain Bolt on Saturday night on the same track in the Olympic main venue. Bolt sliced the men's 100m world record by three hundredths of a second to a stunning 9.69 seconds.

Great job ladies!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

'Cause I Like MONEY, Bitch!

Let me take a moment out to discuss our friend, Jay Z. There are a few schools of thought when it comes to Hov and the first of which, or the one that I hear most frequently is that he is the undeniable messiah of rap and if he puts out some shit that you may feel is trash, its because you are "too simple minded to appreciate the complexit you're just a fuckin hater, HI HATER, STOP HATIN ON HOV!!" *gnarling noises, foaming at the mouth* Then there is the side that is still sour about the Great Nas - Jay Rap War of 2001 that persisted throughout the first half of the millennium according to Wikipedia (
does it not tickle you that this type of shit is in something that calls itself an encyclopedia? Love it!) They feel that Nas was the undisputed victor because 'ether' is now a common colloquialism while 'super ugly' hasn't quite caught on as well, or whatever jackass rationale they have to decide that. I have my own opinions about which blows were the heaviest, and when I develop the courage to address things analytically and thoughtfully I will provide a post on it, but I think we can all agree on who came out on top financially, Sir Camel of Brooklyn doth reign supreme (sorry I been watchin Elizabeth I on HBO again and that shit is superugly, yow!).

In any case, it goes without saying that Jay-Z has been the People's Champion of hip hop for quite sometime now, and barring the way Kingdom Come put a lot of his fans to sleep there are still tons of people that still want to hear from Mr. Carter, myself included. So when that Shade 45 interview hit the net, and the news that the Blueprint 3 was on its way came out I was excited, but apprehensive, and I found some of my apprehensions were justified when I heard Dope Boy Fresh (Jockin Jay-Z).

Jockin Jay-Z (Dope Boy Fresh) - Jay-Z

So I forced myself to give this song a couple of listens because quite frankly the first time I heard it it left a sour taste in my mouth and left me with this question: Yeezy produced this? What the hell is going on boys? The beat is just not what it is in my opinion and the hook is lazy to me. The beat sounds like a watered down, poor man's version of '99 Problems'. That was a song that utilized Jay's flow over hard guitar and every verse mowed through the track in a way that made you feel like you were strapped to the front of a bus barreling through the NY in Jigga's mind, making occasional stops to show you some shit of varying importance. This song doesn't inspire any of that. It has an old school feel but a repetitive sound, and Jay does manage to flow reasonably well but its all dragged down by the beat which has no force, no surprises and ultimately leading me to hope that he doesn't let us down with this album...whenever it decides to come out. I know he's a millionaire and he's allowed to do different things if that's where the breeze takes him, but some of the verses he's tacked on to other artists songs have left me scratching my head.

Put On (Official Remix) (Feat. Jay-Z) - Young Jeezy

I mean his verse on the end of Jeezy's Put On Remix was either an inside joke or a grave misjudgement. First he talks about wanting the T-Pain vocoder on his voice but then at the last minute declares he doesn't need it and dives into a min or so of rambling moronically about putting various things in various places. Maybe I'm being harsh but I expect better considering Ye's powerhouse of a verse, maybe he should have left the 'T-Pain' as he calls it, on his voice and that would have distracted me from that ridiculous ass verse. When Kanye raps slow and deliberately it works for him because that's who he is. His rap bravado has always had an undercurrent of insecurity and sincerity. So when he enunciates its meaningful, and at the very least interesting, because the presumption is that you wouldn't really listen to him otherwise. Jay is not that. Maybe there is an insecure and vulnerable Jay that we don't know about but those themes don't play to his current stage persona so his spaced out flow on the end of this track sounds at best like mimicry and at worst like fuckin retarded garbage that I don't ever want to hear again coming from between the big ass lips of my beloved Jay-Z. In any case i'm going to keep hope alive for this Blueprint 3 and pray that Jay was just joshing when he talked about handing the throne over to Lil Weezy.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


And because I dig this song as well, here ya go..

Morningwood - Sugarbaby

Did You Realize...

Champion from videos222 on Vimeo.

Kanye West - Champion

Yeah so I am a bit late on this you'll come to find will be a pattern for me. But this is the new video for Yeezy's 'Champion' off of Graduation. Basically our hero Ye has ambitions of winning the gold in this pseudo Olympics contest. Alas it is only a dream and he must train and endure in order to make it, because as a puppet he is discriminated against. According to the intro to this video, black men especially hate puppets. Can I also say 'yeaaahh buddy' in reference to the spandex clad track stars parading around in this clip, mmm mmm mm (...its been a min).The video is very cute and between this and that song 'Sugarbaby' by Morningwood I really want my own puppet. Like seriously after I hit publish post I'm going to go Google whether or not I can make that happen. These both came out at the same time too, like two puppet music videos out of nowhere..hmm I wonder if Crank Yankers is having some kind of closeout sale going? Cause I'm down.

Monday, August 11, 2008

In Memoriam

Mr. Bernie Mac and Mr. Isaac hayes, two of the baddest muthafuckas on the planet have passed away this weekend and my stone heart was moved. I understand death is all a part of that noble process, that circle of life. But when great characters in our collective influence pass on, it makes me very concerned about what legacy will be left with our generation. These men were one of a kind, but can anyone think of anyone on their way to doing anything that comes close? I hope theres something on the horizon.

Friday, August 8, 2008

...Ask me what?

So I have friends (I know, I can't believe it either) who are daily frustrated by the wasted potential they sit across from (meaning me). So whilst I was bitching at one of my homegirls I demanded that if she wanted to see more from my blog shes going to have to co-author this shit so I can keep my momentum going. I told her to send me topics. She's a journalist so I thought she would send me news blurbs, current events, pop culture gossip, or helloo music related topics. After like a week of asking this broad emails me some 'Ask Annie' type shit and tells me to work with it. So I shall, for it is yet two hours till the raven crows to herald the end of my workday, and ye behold I am very bored. Lets see if I'm any good at this...

First Question

My boyfriend found my vibrator and now wants me to get rid of it. He says he doesn't see a point in me keeping it any longer since we've been exclusively dating for 8 months. I love him, but I love my vibrator too. I mean I barely use it, but I like to keep it around, ya know...just in case. Do you think he's overreacting or am I just being selfish?

My first question is are you even serious with this question? Like seriously, this question is like some Degrassi/ As Told by Ginger...ugh.. I'll answer it anyway, even though Katt Williams has answered it more eloquently than I ever could. If your man is worried about some bullshit like that, then I suggest you stop dealing with bitch ass niggas persons of various ethnic origins. What in the world is selfish about the ability to please yourself, if anything its generous because it gives him the opportunity to take the night off. If he's that paranoid about being able to please you then maybe he's not and if that's the case he better make sure you got batteries on hand because when that toy fails you may be tempted to see what the next dude is working with (Note: This website does not promote adultery...but it totally understands).

Jerry Springer 'Final Thought'
In reality, you can and you can't answer this question simply because you haven't explained why he doesn't like the vibrator, does he fear the competition? does he think that it means he's not doing his job? does he think that your 'just in case' rationale for keeping it signifies that you aren't very invested in the relationship and want to keep the device on hand in case you want to leave him? does he think its a sin for a young lady to own a portable pocket bust it baby?

Each of these questions prompts a different specific response but if you only wanna know whether you should ditch the vibe my answer is an emphatic 'Hell to the Naw' (mine are in a bulletproof safe). I just wanted to know the specifics so I could better explain to you how to tell this young gentleman to go fuck himself while you retain the right to do the same.

Resurrection...I hope

Awe man, wouldn't it have been crazy if I had died? Anyways my last post seems to have been over a year ago. But you'll soon discover I liken myself to President Bush when it comes to responsibilities..let's go.