Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's a Thief In The Night To Come and Grab You

What the fuck?

...Yeah, it's been a few days and that's all I got left. I'm not picking sides and I'm not calling him a monster or saying she provoked him but I will say whatever it was, was it really worth it? The night before the Grammy's of all nights? Not that it's appropriate at any time but just the sheer ease with which some folks can see fit to throw their lives away is nothing if not disturbing. These dumb assed kids are our future, America! It would be awesome if they knew that violence isn't an appropriate response to whatever relationship conflicts they may be having.

Some links and gossip and information on the saga...cause I damn sure ain't a source.

Pop Culture Fix

Necole Bitchie


Anonymous said...

lol @ this title...but on a serious note, this whole situation is really f---ed up.

Ms. Shai said...

It is fked up and sad. Sigh, my people, my people. My mama said 'Why couldn't this have happened to Britney Spears!'

Anonymous said...

damn, that's a cold one from your moms. hasn't Ms. Spears suffered enough pain?!? LMAO!