Monday, March 23, 2009

Love and Sex and Magic

Ciara feat. Justin Timberlake - Love Sex Magic

So this highly anticipated Ciara and JT video has dropped. I don't know if the star power is what created the anticipation but from the looks of this silly ass 60 second trailer I knew that fuckery was in store. I never really found Justin Timberlake to be able to convey sexy that well but if he can have half a chance at faking it, it's at the hands of a sexpot energy from his co star. Ciara is pullin out the stops but she ends up lookin like the stripper with no ass at the club, workin her little heart out for your dollars. Please Mister, have a heart. All the ropes and heels and fishnets are just not bringing the sexy. But I do give Ciara a gold star for trying, and for looking damn good while trying. But let's face it Promise was the sexiest video that I've seen from her and she was in sweatpants. Stop forcing it people! Let it move through you...niiiice and sloooww..mmm, thats it...
Anyway back to the song itself. The video does help me stomach the song a bit because it basically sounds like a track that J Lo would have stole from Christina Milian back in the day and then decide not to use anyway. But in all I don't know how I feel about this direction. I hate it when artists twist themselves into bizzare situations, I'm all for evolution but it ought to be a natural evolution. Ciara is sexier doing the stanky-leg with Snoop Dogg than she is in bondage gear and selling ass in heels. But it's a recession so I can feel her, just not the music.