Sunday, August 17, 2008

My roots are showing...

I can't say I have been intently following the Olympics. I'm glad that people are interested in it because I think it's a great concept and the idea that people can come together in the spirit of lively competition is very dope to me. Swimmer Michael Phelps announcing that he listens to Weezy before winning the gold rocking the shit and breaking Olympic history with 8 gold medals is also a very cool thing to me. Although I'm always excited when USA wins anything there's another country I root for in these games and its JA *lawdamercy!*. Jamaica kicks ass in the Olympics. The kind of people that would live on a hot ass island and decide to participate in winter sports and achieve any kind of success at it is just a testament to the people, in spite of that silly ass movie. But in any case check out the 100 m sweep.

BEIJING--Shelly-Ann Fraser led the other two Jamaicans to win all the women's 100 meters medals on Sunday evening at the Beijing Olympic Games.

Fraser clocked her personal best in 10.78 seconds before Sherone Simpson and Kerron Stewart finished, both in 10.98, and shared the silver.

Simpson said, "We made history. Just like yesterday Bolt set a new world record. We are all great athletes and I'm very excited about the tremendous achievement we've made for our country."

"Today's victory boosts my confidence to win the 200m. We will also do well in the 4x100m. I believe we can beat the Americans," she said.

Commenting on Jamaica's medals sweep, Stewart said, "I don't know if I should cry, smile, jump. I think this is a fabulous thing for the three of us to win the medals and for Jamaica to get one, two, three. What else can you say?"

The Jamaican squad smashed the American fleet joined by Lauryn Williams, Muna Lee and Torri Edwards, who were hot candidates for the title before the Games.

The Jamaican women replayed the legend created by their countryman Usain Bolt on Saturday night on the same track in the Olympic main venue. Bolt sliced the men's 100m world record by three hundredths of a second to a stunning 9.69 seconds.

Great job ladies!