Thursday, August 21, 2008

When will the Death Stop?

Most of the time when people ask me what my favorite film is I like to give ambiguous answers. I can't take all of the pressure, got off my back damn it. But in all honesty one of the movies that I could deem a favorite (favorite status determined by my ability to watch it whenever its on, I'm a film snob) would be the movie of all movies, Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon.
This movie was one of those films that came out in the 80's and had finally made their rotation to basic cable by the 90's, just in time for my childhood. These leftover videos from the 80's is what I consider mostly responsible for the reason why a person who was still in diapers for the parts of the eighties they were around for can still remember that era with so much nostalgia. In any case, I have discovered that the films star Sho'Nuff has passed away of pancreatic cancer.