Tuesday, August 26, 2008

These fuckers...

So it starts. I'm talkin with my mom about the Democratic National Convention and the last thing she says of course is, what else: I hope nobody tries to kill him. Well, we laughed nervously and I said that no one would try to kill him. I only half believed myself. My rationale being that the powers that be know at this point that when you assassinate a figure that is well liked they become a martyr and such. I felt that damage to Obama would be more surreptitious, like he mysteriously develops a crack habit or something (word to COINTELPRO). But butter my biscuits I forgot al l about the conspiracy meth heads- i.e. rednecks. I'm strugggling to find the quote exactly but a federal official remarked something to the affect of 'these are just some crackheads, dont worry. We got this.' Well obviously I hope so but, I never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. I read that on a T-shirt once and it saved my life on numerous occasions and also at a Rutgersfest.

On a waaaay doper note I'll leave you with Michelle Obama's speech at the DNC last night. Those babies, are so cute.