Friday, August 22, 2008

You Know I Won't Leave You But Won't Wait Forever

So I'm just getting into this new track from Wasalu Fiasco and i'm feeling it enough to make me hope for some more good shit. Although I don't know if this is supposed to go on an album or was left off another one. I'm not that kind of music person, that knows that type of shit. Ask someone else. I like that Lupe entered hip hop by unzipping and climbing out the backpack. it gives him the freedom to talk about shit that he obviously doesn't really know about. However, this track is basically about how young minded boys can really stress out a female. What else is new. I'll buy that he's stressed out his old lady, if he's still with her. But then again I'll say he still has the capacity to surprise me. Like that time he allegedly choked a bitch for throwing her drink in his face. Is there something sick about me that made me more interested in him after he did that? I might have to return my purple Domestic Violence Awareness ribbon. Although I won't lie I have been off and on his jock for a minute. Back when I would religiously listen to the FnF podcast on Mondays started it all. So now here's a track with Ye' on production. It's typical Kanye, a chipmunk soul loop and friendly guitar strums. It's good story telling music. But what this reminds me of is that what I really am hoping for is a CSR album. All the girls standing in the line for the bathroom!! I think that would absolutely take me to glory. Pharell, Kanye, and Lupe make an excellent team. Fresh out the backpack, Pharell brings the highlighters, Ye brings the LV trapperkeeper, and Lupe brings a thesaurus. If they work hard enough they all get D's or DD's if they put in that extra credit. Please make it happen boys.

Lupe Fiasco - The Birds and the Bees

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Anonymous said...

i heard this track earlier today. im kinda feelin' it.

lupe has always been my dude, although that choking shit made me question a lot of things. ah, well! good music is good music, i mean ppl are still on Sir Kelly's jock, so what the hell??