Monday, August 11, 2008

In Memoriam

Mr. Bernie Mac and Mr. Isaac hayes, two of the baddest muthafuckas on the planet have passed away this weekend and my stone heart was moved. I understand death is all a part of that noble process, that circle of life. But when great characters in our collective influence pass on, it makes me very concerned about what legacy will be left with our generation. These men were one of a kind, but can anyone think of anyone on their way to doing anything that comes close? I hope theres something on the horizon.

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Anonymous said...

...yeah this was really too sudden. i still can't believe they're both gone and in the same week at that. i heard that they were really good friends too and that they actually wanted hayes to comment on mac's death.

in regards to your comment on the next generation....unfortunately my cynical self says don't hold your breath...