Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Entire DNC in One Minute!

Yeah, so I, like many of you (including my dumbassed "Obama is the Antichrist" friend from a few posts ago,) have been watching the DNC enthused and mesmerized. If I were to rank the speeches as far as meaningfulness to me I would say.
1. Michelle Obama - strong, thoughtful woman, tugged on the heartstrings
2. Barack Obama - good as always, more attacky, and promisy
3. Hilary Clinton - I give her props for reigning it in and showing genuine support
4. Bill Clinton - Bill Clinton
5. Joe Biden - Beau Biden lolz

I don't really know what my criteria was for that particular sequence but that's just how I calls it.

I, like many of you (except my dumbassed Obama/Antichrist friend, who is mesmerized by her nerdy hotness)am bemused and horrified by Senator McCain's choice of Vice President. I like to write out the word Vice President when discussing Governor Sarah Palin, because I think it puts into perspective the fact that this broad would become the acting president in the unlikely event that a 73 year old former POW, dies in office. Alaska! And what frightens me is not that she was chosen but that theres a possibility she will win. I mean genuinely frightened. She has 5 kids, one still in diapers, she has never expressed any interest in even dealing with the responsibilities of a Vice President. It's like if I was chosen. And I can't even be trusted to update my site everyday (or know what day it is).

Update: The Scariest Thing I Have seen this week...Sarah Palin


Anonymous said...

ugh...i wasn't kidding about what i'd do in a worst case scenario. if obama loses and mccain wins and then dies (god forbid) and the country is left to mama Alaska...i'm heading back to the Motherland.

Nukirk said...

Sarah "Player Hatin" Palin. Sure, she's one Vice Presidential Candidate I'll Love to *mmmmhmmmm*, but not one I wanna see as Vice President. Speaking of which, I saw a picture of her on Wikipedia this morning. I thought I was out of it, but screen capture it and went to sleep. Then woke up... and I was like "my God, I wasn't drunk!"